Working Title

Today is Thursday—or I’m pretty sure it’s Thursday.

This week has been a weird one and for more than just the regular reasons associated with the end of a grading cycle, as well as the semester. Tuesday marked 13 years that Nicholle & I have been a lawfully married couple, and we celebrated by getting takeout for dinner instead of the typical Wednesday. Consequently, every day has not seemed like the day it really is.

Or something like that.

Now that the timeline has been established, I’m thinking I might need to shut things down for the night. I entered into WordPress with the intent to write until I grew tired enough to fall asleep quickly (a power nap nabbed when I first got home rested me far more than I thought was possible), but it appears that drowsiness is coming over me more rapidly than I’d anticipated. Plus, it’s after eleven o’clock, and I want to again be up by five AM in order to be on the trainer. Unlike today’s & Tuesday’s sessions, though, this will be a ProRide in SYSTM; RGT on Tuesday and Zwift this morning has left me a little “meh” for riding in virtual worlds.

Right, so bedtime. Words are hard to wrap my brain around just now, so it’s best for us all that this ends here. As always, though, thanks for reading.

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