Dear Joe

When first I called you some weeks ago, I was limping home from yet another run gone bad. My calf had again cramped at less than two miles in, and I found myself at wits end, theorizing over what could be causing such debilitation in my aged-yet-not-that-old-just-yet legs.

So I called for a bike fit.

Of course, Retül was the tool of choice, but our schedules would not allow, so you agreed to make a house call and see about better fitting me to my bike.

This wasn’t my first rodeo with a bike fitter but was when it came to biomechanics to the degree your degree and experience informed you. And I am so glad it did.

After some two hours of motion observation, wrestling with a stuck seat post, and fitting me to not just one but two road bikes, the everything seemed to be set in place for a more comfortable, more engaged & engaging fit on the bike, outdoors & in. there were even PT exercises prescribed to get me back into better shape on the bike, as well as off; that was, after all, the catalyst for calling you in the first place.

Since that last pain-riddled run, I’ve not run, though I have bought new running shoes, eschewing the suggested four millimeters of drop for the zero drop that has worked so well for me these past ten or more years. There is a bit more cushioning on the shoe to better match my own increased cushioning. But that’s a work in progress.

Today, I wrapped up a week-long effort on the indoor trainer, the annual Tour of Sufferlandria from The Sufferfest. The seven consecutive days of 60+ minutes on the bike trainer ramped up almost 200 miles, and I don’t think I’ve felt better since last February’s ToS. Consequently, I think I’m ready to go for a run.

So I went for a run, and what a run it was—even if it was only four miles and change.

I didn’t set any new speed records (PR or OQT or anything else), but I did make it over that two-mile barrier I’d been unable to cross since the calendar flipped over from 2020 to 2021. I’ll not lie and say it was entirely pain-free (legs screaming from Tour of Sufferlandria, lungs screaming from fresh, cold air), though I will say it was the best run I’ve had all year.

So thank you, Joe.

For the bike fit, for the recommendations & exercises, for taking the time to not exactly teach an old dog new tricks but to teach this one how to adapt in order to keep running—figuratively and literally.

Oh, and thanks for reading.

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