Rest for the Weary

I overslept this weekend—on both Saturday and (even more-so) Sunday. This isn’t entirely out of the ordinary for me since the start of the whole quarantine thing in early-March, but it was rather unusual for the past month or so.

When I finally roused myself out of bed, all I could think was that I needed to rest. A quick pull-up of my TrainingPeaks log for this month confirmed that I’d not taken a rest day since June 5th—nearly a full month. No wonder I’d been so tired.

I’d gone long blocks without rest days in the past, but not since my role at home had shifted to primary caregiver for N— and both kids. Being the sole, “fully functional” adult in the house carries a heavy load, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and all of these can take an equally heavy toll on training. For what it was I was training, though, I really don’t know. Racing is nowhere on my horizon, race cancellations due to covid19 notwithstanding.

A similar question regarding training had been posed to a former riding buddy before kids & autoimmune diseases drove a wedge that between us that living on opposite ends of town and different career spheres could have ever fathomed. Tristan had been posting some smoking fast run & bike splits on Strava, so I asked him what he was training for. His response?


Yeah, life will do that to you. To me. To us. As Ferris so wisely spouted so many years ago, life moves pretty fast. We do need to stop every now & then to take a look around to see where we are and enjoy what’s going on.

So, I managed to rouse myself early enough this morning to go for a run before breakfast and the rest of the household was up demanding such. It was a short-ish run on relatively flat terrain with no eyes kept on current pace of mile splits—only the occasional glance at heart rate targets to ensure I wasn’t about to drop due to cardiac arrest. I think I did OK.

The rest day or two this weekend turned out to be just what I needed: To take some pressure off of myself to keep on performing at peak-triathlon levels, f0r there are no foreseeable triathlons for the remainder of 2020, nor will there be any individual events of any of those sports, including the Mac Summer Speed Series and Chupacabra; Race Revolutions had cancelled their remaining Xterra races once Xterra Global (wisely) cancelled their world championships.

With no upcoming races, no continued run group due to covid19—but with continued demands on all of my faculties to keep the home life humming along with something resembling normal—I’m just going to keep on keeping on. Something resembling a good rhythm is getting worked out between my & N—’s respective schedules, which, fortunately, includes more writing here. Granted, it’s nothing earth shattering or wildly profound, but it is a good outlet for me to cope with the copious demands on myself, so, in closing, I thank you so much for reading.

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